The Dedicated Pest Control Experts.

We understand your pest concerns, so we’ll work tirelessly to keep your home or business free from pests. Utilizing our extensive knowledge of the most effective pest control methods, we are dedicated to providing a prompt and dependable service that won’t let you down. 

Good Nature Pest Control caters to all types of pests with equal attention and expertise, guaranteeing an efficient and fast solution without fail. So if you’re looking for a reliable partner in pest control, Good Nature Pest Control has got you covered!

Removing The Pests Affecting Your Home & Business.

Good Nature Pest Control is committed to delivering top-notch pest control. Our team of licensed and insured professionals offers comprehensive assessment and treatments for homes and businesses alike. 

With 25 years of collective experience in the industry, you can rest assured that Good Nature Pest Control will give your property the attention it requires. Good Nature Pest Control puts safety and customer satisfaction at the forefront while providing top-tier pest control services.

Keeping Your Pest Problem At Bay

Our Pest Control Services

Good Nature Pest Control provides the highest quality pest control services, ensuring they take care of any infestations quickly and efficiently. Regardless of the size of your home and extent of the problem, Good Nature can provide you with reliable and highly-trained exterminators to get rid of those pesky critters. With Good Nature, you won’t need to worry about pest problems for very long – in no time at all, you’ll be enjoying a pest-free living space.

Quarterly Pest Control

Good Nature Pest Control offers a quarterly pest control service that will give you the peace of mind that you deserve. Don’t let uninvited pests linger on your property and disrupt the tranquility of your home – our highly trained technicians have had years of experience with pest prevention and removal, so you’ll be able to trust us to take care of even the most stubborn intruders. 

Every 90 Days

Free Callbacks

Includes Fire Ants
Up to 1/4 Acre

Covers All General Pests


From bed bugs to mosquitos, our team of certified experts know just how to remove these biting pests from your property.


Don’t let flying pests ruin the best parts of your property. Our pest removal experts will keep your satisfaction high, and unwanted buzzing at an all time low.


Pests such as wasps pose threats to your favorite outdoor spaces. Prevent discomfort and severe reactions by removing them from your property.

Wood Destroying

These pests can severely damage your home over time. Ensure you’re protected by eliminating these silent destroyers.

Home Services

Crawl Space Repair

Keeping your home’s temperature consistent and reducing energy costs can seem like a daunting task. But it’s easier than you think!Not only can we identify if any spaces in the subfloor need to be sealed, but they can also make sure places where hot and cold air may enter or escape are correctly insulated.

Moisture Remediation

Keeping those creepy crawl spaces of yours dry is the least fun part about being a homeowner. Moisture trapped in your home’s crawl spaces can cause serious damage, from mold and rot to water leakage and structural weakening, so it’s essential you take steps to prevent it. Look no further than Good Nature Pest Control to help with your moisture remediation.

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Join The Good Nature Pest Control Team

We Are Hiring!

If you’re looking for a job that offers more bite than the usual nine-to-five, then Good Nature Pest Control might just be the perfect fit. We’re quickly becoming Charlotte’s most trusted pest control company, and we need passionate professionals to join our growing team. If you have what it takes to get rid of all bugs great and small, then you’d make a great addition for our team!


Holly Newman

“We had an incredible experience with Good Nature Pest Control! Their team went above and beyond to tackle our pest issues with professionalism and expertise. From the first consultation to the final follow-up, their service was outstanding. We highly recommend Good Nature Pest Control to anyone dealing with pests. A five-star experience all around!”


Ronald Harris

“Steve, Donavan, Kara and Anthony are the DREAM TEAM. Most professional service I have ever dealt with in the Charlotte area. Very knowledgeable and communicative. They are the best professional bug squishers in the Carolina area.”


Jennifer Henson

“Good Nature Pest is a solid, honest, and professional service provider. They do the right thing and take care of their customers. As a Realtor, I also refer them without hesitation and have received positive feedback from clients.”

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